What Is The Chapter All About?

The Chapter is the single most important benefit of GWRRA. A social/fraternal organization formed for the pleasure, recreation, safety, exchange of information, coordination of common motorcycle efforts, promotion of camaraderie and friendship of its members, other GWRRA Chapter, without political or religious affiliations.

We attempt to assist all motorcyclists in achieving and /or improving public acceptance of motorcyclists, member support of civic, local, police, charity, and government organizations, education of non-motorcycling public concerning the motorcycling problems, dissemination of safety information relating to motorcycling and motorcyclists, and supporting the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, MSF. GWRRA and our Chapter are a family oriented organization. FRIENDS FOR FUN, SAFETY AND KNOWLEDGE!!!

Why Am I A Guest At The First Get-Together?

This allows us to recognize you as a new person. It's our belief that nothing is worse than attending a get-together to have fun and seek our potential new friends, only to sit around ignored and bewildered. Sometimes in getting ready to conduct a Get-Together, the Chapter Director and/or Assistant Chapter Director might forget to introduce themselves. If this happens, please seek out and introduce yourself, as they truly want to meet you.

How Do I Join The Chapter?

You don't join a Chapter, you join the Gold Wing Road Riders Association (GWRRA) and you participate in Chapters of your choice. So the question could be asked "How do I become a Chapter Participant?" You do nothing more than attend a Chapter Get-Together, ride or event. The first time you attend, you are a GUEST. The second time you come, you're a part of our Chapter's family. A local Chapter is one of the main benefits to belonging to our international association. There is no cost or formal application needed to participate in a GWRRA Chapter. The Gold Wing Road Riders Association has a network of Chapters worldwide, so you're never far from home, even when you're on the road.

Do I Have To Wait Until The Second Get-Together to become a Chapter Participant?

No, you don't. Just tell the Chapter Director or Assistant Chapter Director that you would like to participate and want to receive the Chapter Newsletter and the ride schedule for the Chapter. Schedules for other Chapters in the state are also available on request.

What Are The Different Classes Of Membership in GWRRA?

For Gold Wing/Valkyrie owners there are Individual Membership and Family Membership. Individual Membership is just what it says. Individual Rider membership. Family Membership is for two or more individuals within the same household to belong to GWRRA for a lower membership fee. For non-Gold Wing owners there are Individual Associate Membership and Family Associate Membership. Individual Associate Membership is for individuals who do not own a Gold Wing/Valkyrie. Family Associate Membership is for two or more individuals within the same household who desire membership within the Association.

What Do I Get For My Membership In GWRRA?

A unique member benefit is the Wing World magazine. This beautiful, glossy monthly publication is packed with Gold Wing touring stories, Honda and after market products, technical advice from Honda technicians and Gold Wing accessory advertisements. Every issue also includes reader classifieds, rider education information, and an up-to-date listing of all national, regional and local GWRRA events, as well as a directory of our officers you can contact for information.

Gold Book
The Gold Book is the exclusive GWRRA service directory, which lists participating GWRRA member names, phone numbers and what they can share with you: help, information, tools, lodging, trip assistance, camping space and of course, fellowship. (Maybe even FOOD) If you find yourself needing help on a lonely highway, you'll find a GWRRA friend nearby. Many members think the Gold Book is the best highway insurance of all! And it works best if kept in your motorcycle.

As a paid GWRRA member, emergency roadside service coverage on two motorcycles is included in your membership. You may also purchase coverage for all the registered members in your household while riding or driving any non-commercial vehicle or motorcycle.

Is There More?
A numbered key chain for safe return of lost keys, an enamel membership pin, an embroidered patch, safety decals, an embossed membership card-just to name a few.

What is the Staffing Structure in GWRRA?

All officers are appointed. There is no voting or elections in GWRRA.
The officers and communication goes as follows:
National Operations Director

  • Regional Director
  • District Director
  • Chapter Director

Each Director then appoints his or her own staff or Assistants, Educators, Co-0rdinators and other supporting staff. The Chapter Director has the operational responsibility for the Chapter and obtains input from his or her staff and Chapter participants in reaching decisions regarding Chapter activities.

What are they talking about?

50/50 or 50/25/25 Tickets
The Chapter receives no money from the National business office, so to help the Chapter pay it's expenses, we sell tickets during the Get-Together. A ticket is drawn and we give away half of the money from the ticket sale proceeds, hence, 50/50. This is a voluntary donation and you are not obligated to purchase the tickets.

Chapter Rides
Most Chapters have scheduled rides. These rides leave from a designated location or ride point. The time of departure varies, so make sure to read your Chapter newsletter or ask the Chapter Director who will be more than happy to assist you. If you have any special roads and parks that you would like to share, make sure and let the Chapter Director know. Many of these rides will start from early to mid-morning and run until early evening. Sometimes overnights might be a factor for longer trip. All activities are discussed with the Chapter staff so be ready with your input to the Chapter Director, Assistant Director, or staff.

Once a month, we will have a "Get-Together". This Get-Together can include speakers, videos, ride schedule planning and safety information, and of course can include a meal (probably does!) with plenty of socializing. These Get-Togethers are not business meetings. GWRRA does not operate in a club format. There is no voting, minutes, or Treasurer's report. The Chapter Director who is appointed by the District Director makes decisions regarding the Chapter. The Chapter director does, however, get input from Chapter staff and participants regarding events that are of interest to the Chapter

Couple of the Year
Each year a couple is selected to represent the Chapter, District, Region and International Couples of the Year. These couples are selected for their dedication, accomplishments, participation, enthusiasm and commitment to GWRRA ideas. They typify the GWRRA image of fun, safety and knowledge.

That is when a new Chapter is formed and is having a get together with others to celebrate this event. Games, food and friends abound.

Ride In
A one-day event where many Chapters get together and participate. More games, food and friends.

What are all those pins on people's vest?

Those are ride or event pins. Every time a Chapter puts on a poker run or other special events are held, like a District Rally, usually a ride pin is available, and is sometimes included in the cost of registration. The pins are basically souvenirs that are fun to look back on for the memories each represents. Hint: lots of pins = an old hand you may want to ask questions.

How do I Get A Vest?

See the Chapter Director of Assistant Director to find out the current arrangements. Usually they are a special order item. Vest is optional for participants, but many wear their vest to display their many pins and awards. Chapter patches, the 10" GWRRA logo and other patches can be purchased for your vest from your Chapter Director.

Do I Have To Do Anything While I Am A Participant?

Yes, have as much FUN as you can! That's why this Association and especially local Chapters exist: FRIENDS FOR FUN, SAFETY AND KNOWLEDGE! And, of course, you may have to eat a meal or two along the way!!

What is a Poker Run?

A poker run serves as a fund raising activity. There is usually a charge for each poker hand, which serves as a donation to the Chapter/District. Each poker run may differ in one way or another, but are basically as follows: we sign-in and get a set of directions to a check point. When we arrive at the first check point we draw a playing care. We continue on to the second and subsequent check points, until we reach the final point. The high hand will win a prize or share in the funds collected for the event. Some organizations have observation runs in which you may have questions to answer about sights along the route. If it all seems a little confusing, don't worry; we were all confused at first. Just ask some old hand for the help you need.

What is a District Rally?

Individual districts may have a two or three day event for the expressed purpose of providing a fun, social environment for the participants and provide funding for the GWRRA District Director's office. Bike judging, vendors, Rider Education videos, 50/50's, motorcycle light show and much more is available at the rally. District rallies are usually held annually and may be located in different areas around the district.

What is a Regional Rally?

This is a gathering of GWRRA members from through out the region. It is held once a year over a three-day period. There are many of the same events and attractions offered as at the District Rally, only on a larger scale. It is held at various places in the Region. It is the major fundraiser for the Regional office.

What is a Wing Ding?

This is our National Rally put on for all Gold Wing Road Rider Association members, Associate members and other interested motorcyclists. It is held at various locations throughout the country. This rally has all the events you would find at the Region Rally but on a much, much larger scale.

What is the Chapter Money Used For?

The Chapter Director uses the Chapter funds to cover operation expenses of the Chapter. These expenses include the cost of the newsletter, staff and officer training meetings, postage, telephone calls, the Chapter chartering fee, supplies, etc. which are necessary to run the Chapter. Annually the Chapter Director submits a financial statement to the District Director. The Chapter is a not for profit organization and may choose to give monies to charities at the end of the year. Chapter officers are not paid, they volunteer their services. The same goes for the District Officers and so forth.

Reasons for "Rides"

  • 1. Obviously, to move our group from point A to point B.
  • 2. To expand our social contacts while retaining the camaraderie of our meetings.
  • 3. Travel and sightseeing. And sometimes to eat!!

Group Riding?

As the name implies, it is riding in a group. Most of our organized chapter movements (rides) will be in this type.

How Do I Ride In A Group?

  1. Arrive with a full tank of gas.
  2. Attempts should be made to limit the group to 5 or 6 bikes.
  3. C.B. channels should be established prior to any movement. The group should not switch to a different channel until all members have been informed.
  4. Each bike should ride in staggered formation within a traffic lane: the leader rides in the left track: the next rider, the right tire track, etc. On curves, individual riders should pick their own track. Then reform the staggered formation after the curve.
  5. When stopping at a traffic light or stop sign, all bikes pull up, two abreast, directly behind the bike they were following.
  6. When starting, the leader moves out first, accelerating slowly enough for all bikes to move out in turn. No one should accelerate even with, or pass, another bike.
  7. Allow a minimum of two or three second's stopping distance between following bikes, one or two second stopping distance between staggered bikes. Do not allow too much space to develop between bikes, however.
  8. Don't just follow. Be sure to check the traffic before lane changes or other maneuvers.
  9. If someone in your group pulls to the shoulder of the road and stops, do not follow. The rear bike should be designated by the leader to stop and give assistance.
  10. When passing other vehicles on a two-lane highway each bike should pass in order and in turn. The leader should accelerate far enough ahead for the rest of the group to pass, and the tail bike should inform the leader when the whole group has passed and is back in formation.
  11. Groups should have a leader and rear bike equipped with CB radios when possible. The lead bike leads the group; the rear bike controls the group. Expect ride suggestions from the rear bike and accept suggestions to improve the groups' riding performance.
  12. All riders and co-riders should wear proper riding apparel. This is not mandatory, but is strongly recommended for your safety.
  13. Each rider is responsible for his/her own ride and safety
  14. Relax and enjoy the ride, and remember, getting there is the fun.

What do all the Acronyns mean?

Like any organization, we have our own set of acronyms that you may not be familiar with. Especially If you are new to the GWRRA family. This list will help you understand the many acronyms we use regularly.


Acronyn Meaning
ACD Assistant Chapter Director
ACE Assistant Chapter Educator
ADD Assistant District Director
ADE Assistant District Educator
ARD Assistant Region Director
ARE Assistant Region Educator
CD Chapter Director
CE Chapter Educator
CHOY Chapter of the Year
COY Couple of the Year
DD District Director
DE District (Rider) Educator
DMA District Motorist Awareness Coordinator
DME District Membership Enhancement Coordinator
IOY Individual of the Year
LTI Leadership Training Instructor
LTP Leadership Training Program
MAC Motorist Awareness Coordinator
MAP Motorist Awareness Program
MEC Membership Enhancement Coordinator
MEP Membership Enhancement Program
MUT Master University Trainer
OCP Officer Certification Program
PLP Parking Lot Practice
PLPF Parking Lot Practice Facilitator
PRC Public Relations Coordinator
R&R Recruiting and Retention Coordinator
RD Region Director
RE Region (Rider) Educator
REP Rider Education Program
RMA Region Motorist Awareness Coordinator
RME Region Membership Enhancement Coordinator
SI Seminar Instructor
SIG Special Interest Group
SUT Senior University Trainer
UT University Trainer
UTDP University Trainer Development Program


If you know of something we have omitted from this list, just let us know.