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Rider Education logoWelcome to the California District Rider Education Program website. The goal of this Rider Education website is to provide a World Class educational resource to all members and officers in the California District and specifically to our 22 California Chapter Educators. Our aim is simple, to promote safe riding profiles through Rider Education. This website is intended for use by our GWRRA friends and contains information for safe motorcycling practices by our members. One of our goals as a District full of experienced trainers and presenters is to share our resources. Members are encouraged to participate in as many rider courses, and seminars as you can. We feel educated riders and co-riders are safe riders and co-riders.

We are divided into six major programs including operations, conducting seminars, parking lot practicing, riding courses, first-aid and CPR, and motorist awareness. Each of these programs have a coordinator who is an expert in their area will be able to assist you with any of your concerns. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.
We work for YOU!

The Goldwing Road Riders Association proclaims the motto “Friends for Fun, Safety, and Knowledge” as our creed. We believe 2/3 of that credo, “safety & knowledge,” appropriately belong in Rider Education. When successfully done, the “Fun” part will naturally follow! But the important principle here is about rider safety and education. It involves riding with the right attitude, being a courteous rider, using good judgment, and risk management for safe riding.

Please feel free to browse through the following pages to learn about the rider education programs we have available for you to upgrade your riding level, advance your expertise, hone your riding skills, or find the answer to your questions about safe riding in California.

Thank you for taking the time to look through this website and your pursuit of riding excellence! California District Educators